5 Manicures You’re Going To Want To Try This Month

by theSKIN


5 Manicures You’re Going To Want To Try This Month

It’s all about neutrals for May.

As quarantine continues, we’re all looking for little things to brighten our days and bring us a little joy. And what lifts your mood like a fresh mani? Even though we can’t make it to the salon right now,  chic nails are still within reach. We talked with nail art expert and trendsetter Queenie Nguyen about the looks that are on trend for May and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face this month. Try one of these looks at home, and marvel at your handiwork. Yeah, you did that.

Matte Negative Space

Negative space is a trend that is here to stay. Unexpected and chic, it’s no surprise that this look is a favorite. The fun aspect of this trend is the exposure of the natural nail within the art. To modernize this trend further, simply matte the nails in lieu of glossy polish.

Toned-Down Cow Print

Cow print has been a fun trend circling around social media, but it can be a bit much to wear on all nails. A fun and modern way to make the trend more wearable is to wear it with neutral colors on your other nails to tone it down. Simply choose a gradient of colors that are in the similar or same family and go from light to dark, featuring cow print on statement nails only.

Subtle Skittles

Small swipes of candy colors in this manicure is a fun way to ease into this springtime nail trend. The neutral base color neutralizes the different bright colors at the tip of the nails and makes it chic for daily wear.

Daisy Chain

A great way to rock bright yellow nail polish is to combine it with sheer base color. This nail art is fun for Spring and Summer and great for anyone who wants to try wearing yellow on their nails. Plus floral nail art instantly brightens anyone’s mood!

Pastel Half Moon

This colorful look is a fun combination of some classic favorite trends: half moon nail art + a modern French mani. It’s also a great grown out manicure, because of the negative space at the cuticle area.

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