A Deep Dive Into Vaginal Wellness

by Erin Starkweather


A Deep Dive Into Vaginal Wellness

These tried + true rituals can help you keep your vagina in peak condition.

Vaginal wellness is a hot topic as of late. When diving into this uncharted territory, how do you even know where to begin without falling down a rabbit hole? Instead of uprooting your whole wellness routine, start by incorporating a few tried-and-true rituals into your day-to-day. Here are five tips, tricks, and exercise regimens to ensure that your vagina, along with the rest of you, is in peak condition.

Treat your vagina like you would you treat your face and build yourself a skincare routine for down there. But before you try anything new, keep in mind that your vagina’s bacteria is very sensitive. Your pH is super important and shouldn’t be disrupted (a normal pH is slightly acidic, between 3.8 and 4.5). Always avoid synthetics, which can kill off good bacteria. Instead, try something natural like Holy Yoni Oil from Moon Juice, a crowd favorite formulated with Schisandra Berry extract to improve elasticity and Vitamin E to help keep skin soft and supple.

Start your day off with a quality probiotic, like this one from Love Wellness. The formula delivers good bacteria that help maintain your vaginal pH levels. Gut bacteria is different than the kind of bacteria that lives in your vagina, so choose your formula with care and make sure that it includes a few different strains of lactobacilli, which are the key regulators of the vaginal environment. For extra credit, top your probiotic off with an herbal supplement like black cohosh, wild yam or evening primrose oil, all of which help to balance hormone and estrogen levels.

Get in a workout… for your vaginal muscles, I mean. The Elvie Kegel Exercise Tracker is like a ZIIP, but for your pelvic floor. This palm-sized device syncs to an app in your phone and claims that with one 5-minute Kegel program a day, users have better bladder control, faster postnatal recovery, and enhanced intimacy. On their own, Kegels are thought to increase blood flow to your vagina, make it easier to reach orgasm, and increase vaginal lubrication.

Your pH is super important and shouldn’t be disrupted.

Find a good practitioner. If you’re in LA, you can try the hyped up Tikkun Spa where they do the infamous Mugworth V Steam. Vaginal steaming has been used all over the world for centuries, most notably in Korea, where Mugwort is thought to balance hormone levels. While Western doctors don’t always agree on the healing benefits, Tikkun Spa claims that vaginal steaming stimulates hormones to maintain uterine health, aids in restarting regular menstrual cycles, and strengthens the nervous system.

End your day by nurturing your sexual self. When it comes to solo play, half the battle of finding a good toy has to do with the way they look. For a good-looking option, try one of these elegantly discreet toys by Dame. If the option is available to you, have sex…with a good lube, of course! This one from Living Libations checks off all the non-synthetic, pH-balancing boxes.

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