Botox For Your Balls? Yes, Scrotox Is A Thing

by Tori Emery


Botox For Your Balls? Yes, Scrotox Is A Thing

You heard us right.

I’m not sure there’s an intro needed here, and quite frankly I wouldn’t know how to write one, so I’ll get right down to brass tacks. I think we can all guess what Scrotox is: the injection of botulinum toxin (also known as Botox) into the scrotum. Yep, you read that right. It sounds so absurd that it could be on Saturday Night Live. Oh wait, it was an SNL skit over 10 years ago. This (not-so-new) practice is taking the world by storm and we’re here to fill you in on why that is.

For those of you that don’t know, Botox is most commonly used in facial muscles for cosmetic purposes: essentially it stops muscle movement and therefore prevents wrinkles. 11’s, forehead lines, crows feet — all no match for the power of Botox. The injection has other uses too: it’s used for the underarms to reduce sweat, and the scalp to reduce oil production (see: Blowtox). Believe it or not, this is how Scrotox started. 

Dr. Jason Emer, MD, FAAD, FAACS, a pioneer of genital rejuvenation, told us that he initially began injecting botox in the scrotum because “a lot of marathon runners and bike riders (especially when SoulCycle started to become popular) complained about chafing in between their legs.” Once his clients started returning for more sweat-reducing treatments, he found that they also liked the look of their new and improved balls. They found that fewer wrinkles + more relaxed balls = bigger looking penis. Who knew? Not only that, Botox also made it so that their testicles were less affected by temperature changes — an issue all men know too well.

Given that, it’s no wonder this treatment has become increasingly popular. “So many people are looking for preventative treatments for everything these days, and not just their face but also their genital area,” says Dr. Emer. “Men are starting to gain interest in the genital rejuvenation treatments. They want to look good in and out of their clothes.”

Even so, this treatment isn’t for all testicles. The perfect candidates for Scrotox are those that feel their balls are what Dr. Emer describes as “high and tight.” Botox relaxes the scrotal muscles, causing them to hang a bit more. So it comes down to aesthetics — if you’re looking to tighten up your balls, this isn’t the treatment for you.

So, is it worth it? I couldn’t tell you. I don’t have a scrotum. The treatment runs between $1,500 and $3,000 and lasts anywhere from three to four months. The upside is, there’s no pain, no downtime, and effects on fertility or sexual pleasure. Seems like a pretty sweet trade-off for sweatless balls, but again, I can’t tell you for sure. All I know is that whether it’s Scrotox, anal peels, or those vaginal treatment posters women stare at in their OBGYN’s office, there are countless ways to rejuvenate every part of your body, and genital rejuvenation is here to stay.

Interview courtesy of Dr. Jason Emer (@jasonemermd).

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