Bring Some Color To Your Nails With These 5 Manicure Ideas

by theSKIN


Bring Some Color To Your Nails With These 5 Manicure Ideas

These looks are sure to brighten your month (and your fingers).

As the weather gets warmer, its only natural to want to incorporate some bright, fun, springy colors into your wardrobe, your makeup, and of course, your manicures. Lucky for you, we’ve got the scoop on the trendiest and chicest ways to do just that in June. Here are the 5 fresh looks that nail art expert Queenie Nguyen says are sure to earn you some compliments this month.

Spring Gradient

One of the popular trends during this Spring season is a colorful gradient manicure. You can never go wrong with this trend because it is so fashionable and suitable for daily wear. Simply choose a selection of colors from the similar color family and apply polish on nails from light to dark. This way, you get to enjoy all your favorite colors at once.

Retro Lava

This colorful lava nail trend is fun and super easy to DIY at home. It’s a great way to experiment with color-blocking, or you can also opt for a monochromatic vibe. Paint your lava waves flowing vertically down your nails: this helps them look longer in length.

Color-Blocking French Tips

Select a few bright and contrasting colors for this look. Choose a primary color and create an outline with a thin brush, starting mid-nail and ending at the corner edge of the nail. Fill in the mapped out section with that primary color. Then use contrasting colors to overlap the primary color on each nail, creating a V-shaped French tip look. This look is great for those that want to go bright but not fully committed to wearing color all over nails just yet.

Watermelon Half-Moons

The half moon trend is the most requested by far! For a springy twist on this look, spice up this classic trend by creating fun watermelon details. Keeping the rest of the nail neutral helps balancing out the brightness of the art and keeps the design chic.

Picnic Vibes

These nails were inspired by the classic gingham print picnic table cloth we all know and love. Use an opaque white as your base color, then choose primary and secondary colors for the art. Mimic that iconic checker print to the best of your ability with a different contrasting color on each nail.

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