F*ck Gendered Marketing: Here’s 5 Products To Raid From The Men’s Section

by Sara Pollock


F*ck Gendered Marketing: Here’s 5 Products To Raid From The Men’s Section

Down the brightly lit aisles of the drugstore, amongst the razors and shavers, the ever-expanding men’s grooming section stands. Its vast selection now includes everything from beard oil to facial toner to lip treatments. Some packaging may resemble more of a craft beer than a shampoo; still others just scream out “I’ll keep your skin supple, but don’t sweat: this matte black bottle won’t damage your fragile masculinity!”

The problematic gendered marketing business is an entirely different story for another day. In the meantime, here are some (allegedly male-intended) products to add to your shelf no matter who you are. Because honestly, who actually cares?

jack black lip balm

Jack Black

Lip Balm

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

Boasting a cocktail of antioxidant ingredients and SPF 25 to boot, this non waxy formula works like a dream and plays well with others. As the formula doesn’t have the usual glassy shine of a thick lip treatment, when used sparingly it works well as a base for your lip colour. It’s available in an impressive 11 scents: I personally opt for the black tea and blackberry scent (name a finer flavour combo. I’ll wait).



Post Shave Balm

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm 

Whilst the bulky white and blue bottle may not be the most aesthetically appealing item on your vanity, hear me out. A number of years ago, this gem was brought to the attention of many of us by YouTuber Nikkie de Jager on a whim, and has been favoured ever since.The cooling glycerine based formulation provides a nourishing base for the next steps of your base. Also, it literally costs the price of two coffees. You do the math. 


Molton Brown

Bath & Shower Gel

Molton Brown Russian Leather Bath & Shower Gel

I like my scents to take me on a wild journey, and this is one hell of a midnight motorcycle ride. Pine mixed with leather and tobacco work together to create a mysterious, brooding, wilderness vibe. Let’s just say if I had to pick a scent that evokes a David Lynch mood, it’d be Russian Leather. The Russian Leather range also includes an eau de toilette and candle, and they are all calling my name from beyond the pines and the sycamore trees (or something like that).


Baxter of California

Daily Fortifying Conditioner

Baxter Of California Daily Fortifying Conditioner

I had already finished the bottle before discovering that this was technically a dude brand. Whatever. The minimalist blue packaging appealed to me and I was enticed by thoughts of a crisp ocean breeze. The end result was an invigoratingly refreshed tingling scalp and the faint scent of peppermint. I was not disappointed.



Exfoliating Wipes

Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes

Whilst I will only occasionally opt for an exfoliation product intended for men (they’re typically harsher), these resurfacing wipes are somewhat of a mini facial in a packet. Each wipe is double sided for exfoliation plus a moisture boost, and packed with natural, invigorating ingredients. These are definitely an oily girl’s best kept secret.

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