FYI: Manicures Are Just As Important As Facials

by theSKIN


FYI: Manicures Are Just As Important As Facials

Treat your nails with the respect they deserve.

Here at theSKIN we love to talk about nails. We’ve taught you how to remove your gel polish and to how to DIY a mani, and we give you new shapes and colors every month. Have we exhausted all the content for the Nail “Files”? Not. Even. Close. 

2020 is the year of nails, who’s the best person to guide us through this new trend? Ashlie Johnson, of course. As Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to nail artist and founder of Jaunt Beauty Co., there’s no one better suited to lead us through 2020’s nail trends. From inspiration to nail hygiene, Johnson has a passion for everything and anything nail-related. 

As it happens, what’s trendy this year not only includes nail art and polish colors but also keeping your nails happy and healthy. There’s nothing worse than being scolded by your technician for opting for gel or acrylics too often. But is that really what’s causing your brittle nails? It can be difficult to pick between gel, dip powder, polish, and acrylic. “Each has a specific job that they are best at, and you need someone to advise you based on your needs and nails,” says Johnson. She puts it in perspective by stating that anyone getting regular manicures should give “the same kind of respect they give their skin and their hair. It’s not and shouldn’t be a sub-service.” And let’s be honest: we follow our dermatologist’s every suggestion and we buy the best shampoos to preserve our hair color, so why not treat our nails the same? To put it bluntly: “nails are also one of the only services you are trusting someone with sharp and possible dirty tools to cut your skin,” Johnson says.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 


“Happy and healthy nails never go out of style.”

Now that your nails are fresh + clean and you’ve upped your standards for nail hygiene (you should be washing your hands a million times a day anyways in this climate tbh), let’s talk products. Having styled everyone from Brie Larson, Kate Hudson, Kirsten Stewart, Dakota Johnson, and even Tyler the Creator, Johnson swears by Orly Bonder Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. And her favorite polish? Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous. It’s a must-have.

Selfishly, we at theSKIN want to know what the 2020 trends will be, and while Johnson isn’t a psychic, she can tell us that “after the nails moments at the Grammys, I think [trends] are going to continue with that 90s style and art, or at least I hope”. We’re also hoping for a 90s comeback (aside from the lowrise jeans thankyouverymuch), especially that cool minimalism that defined the decade. After all, some of us are more traditional, not looking for intricate nail art. Turns out, simplicity is the most classic nail trend. Johnson says it best: “happy and healthy nails never go out of style, that’s the best place to start. Then get yourself some Fucking Fabulous! Because YOU are!”

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