Give Your Hair Some TLC With These 8 Scalp Treatments

by Dale Arden Chong


Give Your Hair Some TLC With These 8 Scalp Treatments

Healthy + happy hair starts at the root.

No matter how simple or complex your routine, your skin gets a lot of love. But what about your hair? More likely than not, you probably have the standard two hair-focused products in your shower: shampoo and conditioner. You might have a hair mask in there for when you want to give your strands some added TLC, or a leave-in oil for extra post-shower hydration. But the truth is: good hair starts at the root. And what better way to target that area than with a scalp treatment?

If you ask me? Showers are deeply underrated. Sure, you can have a relaxing soak in the tub complete with candles, a glass of wine, and some music. But when you don’t want to draw a full bath, the feeling of gentle water hitting your body can be everything you need. And the sensation of treating your head to a soothing scalp treatment (along with a massage, of course) will be your favorite part of the week. So skip the wash-n-go method of hair care and give your scalp the attention it deserves with these eight treatments below.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub

The T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub comes as one of the first in Drunk Elephant’s foray into haircare, and it does not disappoint. Use the AHA/BHA-rich product in your dry hair before you shampoo. As you massage and let it sit for 10 minutes, the biodegradable plant cellulose exfoliating beads work away dead skin.  

Christophe Robin Purifying Scalp Scrub with Sea Salt

When you want to give your scalp a deep clean from product buildup, this sea salt scrub is the best. Use it once a week if you’re loading up on the dry shampoo between washes or if your hair is on the oilier side. And trust me when I say this: a little goes a long way.

Prose Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask

If your scalp is feeling particularly irritated or dry,  try Prose’s scalp mask, which is personalized to your needs and preferences. It has a gel-like consistency, which makes it ultra-soothing for your scalp — and for an area that can be on the more sensitive side, that feels like a godsend.

Davines The Let It Go Circle

Take a cue from Davines’ scalp and hair mask and let all your worries go with this ultra-hydrating treatment. The softening product features ingredients like Brahmi oil to give you a boost of energy and hydration. It also contains orange essential oil for relaxing aromatherapy. Plus, it comes in a 50ml pouch, making it a perfect option when you want to give yourself a calming spa day.

Kevin Murphy MAXI.WASH

Kevin Murphy’s MAXI.WASH detox shampoo rids your head of unwanted product buildup and chemicals. Thought of as a “pre-wash,” this shampoo contains a blend of essential oils to give you a purified, clean scalp. It’s also created with Hamamelis Virginiana, a natural antiseptic that will restore the balance of your hair and give it an added radiance.

Barbara Sturm Scalp Serum

The renowned skincare brand developed by Dr. Barbara Sturm takes its technology to the scalp with this serum, which was designed to target the effects of dryness. The serum features hydrating hyaluronic acid as well as purslane, which reduces irritation. Massage the serum directly to your scalp and let the magic happen.

Fable & Mane HoliRoots Prewash Hair Treatment Oil

While most scalp treatments might be used right before you wash your hair, Fable & Mane’s HoliRoots Hair Oil is best applied the night before. Of course, if you don’t have time for that, you can always do it for about five minutes before you shower. Simply apply the oil, which features ingredients like ashwagandha and dashmool, to your scalp to strengthen and thicken your hair at the roots.

Raincry Bond Repair

If you have damaged or brittle hair, get yourself the Bond Repair leave-in product from Raincry.  You can apply this to either wet or dry hair. The formula, packed with hemp-derived CBD, collagen peptides, and lotus flower, strengthens and protects your hair by rebuilding the cortex and cuticle bonds on your strands.

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