How Working Out on a Vibrating Plate Can Help Benefit Your Hormones, Fascia, & More

by Carissa Zadwarny


How Working Out on a Vibrating Plate Can Help Benefit Your Hormones, Fascia, & More

Rachael Blumberg is changing the fitness game one plate at a time — only not the kind you’re probably thinking of. As the founder of PLATEFIT, she’s on a mission to bring a whole new meaning to the term “good vibrations” when it comes to working out. PLATEFIT is exactly what it sounds like: A 27-minute high intensity interval training workout done on individual Power Plates. 

Power Plate is a medical grade device that contracts the muscles 30-50 times per second, engaging multiple muscle groups at once for results in half the time. Not convinced? Rachael breaks down the science behind the machine, how it works and explains why you’ll definitely be hooked after the first workout. 

“I’ve been into health and wellness my whole life. I was a division one water polo player and have always loved the fitness space. I’m passionate about helping people look and feel better in their own skin. I’m passionate about empowering women and men to be stronger, to push past limitations and to believe that they can.” 

When asked what inspired her to create PLATEFIT, Rachael reflects on her own transformation. “I was seeing results in as little as six sessions. I was sleeping better and felt overall healthier. I knew this was something very special and I wanted to bring it to everyone. I knew this vertical of fitness, vibration training, had its place in the industry and I was passionate about bringing it to communities all over.”    

What is this magical device? Rachael breaks it down.

“A signature 27 minute PLATEFIT class will heal and recover muscles, strengthen and elongate the body, detoxify the system, and help you vibrate higher. Vibration training is more than physical fitness, it’s a way to better health: stronger bodies, stronger bones, brighter more glowing skin, and better sleep. We utilize the science of vibration to wake up your cells, increase circulation, drain & detoxify the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery time. The body’s response to vibration increases serotonin & HGH and reduces cortisol— leaving you feeling high and living more vibrantly.”

“Vibration training leads to: stronger bodies, stronger bones, brighter, more glowing skin, and better sleep.”

Vibration increases the efficacy of a workout and it’s only 27 minutes. Those who aren’t into long workouts, this was made for you.

“The science behind the machine is incredible. It forces muscle contractions by the movement of the plate. The movement is front to back, up and down and left to right which destabilizes the body and forces contractions to stabilize 30-50 times per second. That’s over 900 – 1600 contractions in 30 seconds.”

The fact that Power Plate lowers cortisol, is a huge benefit on its own. But how does it work?

“Power Plate increases circulation through vasodilation and increased blood flow to more tissues. Vasodilation increases blood volume in the vessels, and it also increases the flow rate with all the muscle contractions responding, in turn decreasing cortisol.”

What effect does cortisol have on the body? On the skin? On sex drive? Rachael weighs in—

“Too much cortisol can cause weight gain (mostly around the midsection and upper back), rounding of the face, acne, thinning skin, easy bruising, flushed face, slowed healing and muscle weakness.”

It’s obvious that Rachael is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness, so we took full advantage and tapped her for more insight into 2020 wellness trends. Like — what else, besides taking a PLATEFIT class, does she do to regulate stress?

“I believe that meditation, reading, writing, traveling and having fun with family and friends are important to regulating stress.”  

And in terms of her pre- and post-workout beauty routine? “Augustinus Bader, Tata Harper, Vintner’s Daughter and Saint Jane CBD.” 

When asked about the next big thing for fitness? “PLATEFIT Vibration Training is defining a new vertical in fitness that is here to stay.” Consider us sold. 

Interview courtesy of Rachael Blumberg of PLATEFIT (@platefit)

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