K-Beauty Haircare Will Change The Way You Think About Your Scalp

by Dale Arden Chong


K-Beauty Haircare Will Change The Way You Think About Your Scalp

Repeat after me: scalp care is your new top priority.

You can learn a lot from the creators behind K-Beauty, from game-changing products to multi-step regimens. But just when you thought you finished incorporating these practices into your daily routine, they’ve stepped into a whole new area: K-beauty haircare. With the expertise of Ryan Sullivan, the co-founder of The Beauty Spy, I give you all the details on this game-changing addition to your hair routine.

Naturally, K-beauty haircare resembles certain aspects of general K-beauty — specifically speaking, the generational aspect. “K-beauty skincare is all about the routine because many times the daily rituals of applying creams and serums are taught and passed down from generation to generation,” Sullivan explains. “I see that Korean women focus on the aspect of treating hair because that is what they learned from their parents.”

It may come as no surprise, but healthy-looking hair starts with, well, healthy hair. For Koreans, that means getting to the root of things — literally. Sullivan discovered Korean haircare while searching for the next round of K-beauty products. He mentions that Korean women put the same level of care into their hair as they would for their skin. That means major scalp care. “It makes sense that they actually treat their scalps like the skin on their face,” he tells me in an email. “They look to natural ingredients and traditional recipes that help keep hair follicles strong and the scalp healthy, which leads to longer, stronger, nourished hair.”

With this concept — treating your scalp as the same as your face — as its foundation, Korean haircare works to actually repair your hair in the long run. More likely than not, the hair products you use now only mask hair issues rather than treat them. Sullivan learned that you can fix common hair problems like dryness, frizz, and dullness with the right ingredients. This is where K-Beauty haircare stands out. When you look at the ingredients in Korean products, odds are you’ll find similarities to high-end Korean skincare products. Some common favorites? Green tea, peony, niacinamide, and marine algae. “When you swap silicones, sulfates, and parabens for proteins, amino acids, and ginseng, the results are remarkable,” Sullivan says. 

When you prioritize your scalp with these haircare products, your head gets some major TLC. Really, who doesn’t want that?. Plus, it’ll also give you a envy-inducing, healthy mane in the process (#goals). Try applying this scalp-as-skin focus to your lifestyle. You just might find that K-beauty haircare will take up prime real estate in your shower.

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