Tight + Bright: Everything You Want To Know About Anal Rejuvenation

by Julia Gibson


Tight + Bright: Everything You Want To Know About Anal Rejuvenation

It’s more popular than you think.

When most people think of cosmetic procedures, they think of the face: nose jobs, face lifts, and the like. But today we’re going to talk about yet another (surprisingly popular) “down-under” treatment: anal rejuvenation. If this shocks you, we get it, and so does board-certified dermatologist and self-proclaimed “Ass Man of Beverly Hills” Dr. Jason Emer. “We’re doing a lot of anal rejuvenation now, but when I tell people this they freak out,” he says “Obviously it’s still taboo somewhat, but people want to look good everywhere now. It’s not just their face.” We chatted with Dr. Emer about what it takes to have a designer anus (admit it, you’re curious). 

Let’s start with the basics: why would someone be interested in having cosmetic procedures on such a delicate (and private) area? “Pigmentation is the primary reason, besides hair and sweating, that people come in for treatment,” says Dr. Emer. “They want a more even complexion or an even tone in that area.” Benefits of these treatments also include reduction of wrinkles in the area, as well as tightening of the anus.

To get those results, there are tons of options. Each treatment is different and customized based on the patient’s goals. Generally though, Dr. Emer relies on a combination of chemical peels, Botox, and lasers to get the job done. For pigmentation, peels are the answer. “My go-to peels for that area are Cosmelan or Enlighten peels,” he says. “These lift pigmentation, turn over skin cells, and use lightening agents like hydroquinone and kojic acid to suppress further pigmentation.”

For hair removal and even more brightening, lasers do the trick. “We use a laser called Aerolase: it’s the most advanced technology right now for laser hair removal,” he says. “It bypasses the upper surface of the skin, so that you don’t burn the surface of the skin.” As you can imagine, that’s pretty important. To address sweating, “we do Botox treatments around the buttocks and in the anal area itself” he says, and for wrinkles, “we use Fractora, which is a micro-needling radio frequency treatment.” Lastly, Dr. Emer says that he uses internal radio-frequency devices, like BTL Ultra Femme or Votiva, to stimulate smooth muscle, promote collagen production, and tighten everything up.

Even though most people come in for reasons related to cosmetic appearance or sexual health and pleasure, there are medical benefits of anal rejuvenation as well. “Internal radio-frequency is really good for women that have had kids and have had either vaginal or anal prolapse because it helps tighten the pelvic floor and improve the strength of the walls around both the anus and vagina,” says Dr. Emer. Additionally, Botox injections can promote hemorrhoid healing, decrease fissure formation, and help prevent infection of hair follicles. Who knew?

“People want to look good everywhere now, not just their face.

Let’s be real though: the downtime for any sort of treatment in…that area has to be super uncomfortable, right? Wrong, according to Dr. Emer. There’s no real downtime for these treatments — patients can resume their normal activity, including working out, in just a few days (with the exception of hot tubs, pools, baths, and saunas: avoid those for 2-4 weeks). Even when it comes to those exfoliating peels, he says it’s not too bad. “Over about a two week time period, the area becomes raw and irritated,” he says. “It’s a little painful and itchy.”

During that healing process, Dr. Emer prescribes a skincare regimen that soothes the skin and promotes healing. There is one upside: when you have a deep exfoliating treatment on your face, the peeling is pretty visible to others. Not so with an anal treatment. “No one sees it except you,” says Dr. Emer. And if you see an experienced professional (don’t try this unsupervised!), your risks are low. “If somebody doesn’t know what they’re doing, they definitely can burn somebody,” he says, “but the bottom line is if you go to somebody like me that understands that the area is more sensitive and thin, and if you do the proper pre- and post-treatment skincare, the risk is very minimal.”

To get and maintain optimal results, Dr. Emer suggests that you come back in for regular treatments. Peels especially, he says, work best if you commit to multiple sessions. “We have people do a couple in a row to get the improvement they’re looking for, and then they’ll do it every four to six months,” he says. In between, he suggests using a retinol foam to keep everything as bright as possible.

These regular visits will run you between $750 to $2,000 for peels (depending on their strength), $350 to $550 per treatment for laser hair removal, and about $1,000 to $2,000 per treatment for internal tightening. Dr. Emer says many of his clients combine tightening and brightening treatments into one appointment, complete with a catchy nickname: “I have people coming in all the time saying, ‘I need my tight + bright.” Seems to us that anal rejuvenation is here to stay.

Interview courtesy of Dr. Jason Emer

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