Can Temple Filler Make It Look Like You’re Aging In Reverse?

by Bee Rose


Can Temple Filler Make It Look Like You’re Aging In Reverse?

Your body is your temple (see what we did there?)

I think about the movie Death Becomes Her often. I would so drink that d*mn potion! Give it to me and give it to me now! Deal with the consequences later, amirite? Well, thank goodness for filler: all the good stuff, sans the horror! There are so many ways filler can be used to plump the face and reverse signs of aging. One method I keep hearing about that’s supposedly meant to work magic, but hasn’t necessarily hit the zeitgeist yet? Temple filler. I asked Nancy Samolitis, MD, FAAD to weigh-in on why this area seems to be the new trendy spot to treat, and who would be the best candidate for this procedure.

As we age, areas that were once full can begin to look hollow. These sunken areas create an automatic response in the brain, causing us to think: “old.” “Rounding out these hollow areas and widening the face makes a person look more youthful — it’s almost like an optical illusion,” she says. “People can look many years younger when we apply inject in their temples.” For thin, athletic women especially, filling this area can work wonders.

Rounding out these areas makes a person look more youthful — it’s like an optical illusion.”

Here’s the only downside (not to worry, it doesn’t involve a morgue like my cinematic reference). This area actually takes a lot more filler than normal to get the job done. Most doctors prefer to do it in stages, which may mean multiple appointments for you. Dr. Samolitis says sometimes it can even be a six-month process. “Obviously, every person is different — some people respond better, but others are like this vacuous hole,” she says. “I put filler in and I’m like, ‘Where did it go?” Because of this, she suggests a product like Sculptra as opposed to other fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. Because it’s made of poly-L-lactic acid instead of hyaluronic acid, it lasts longer and you can get a lot more bang for your buck. But even with this kind of filler, it can take up to three rounds of appointments to get the desired results. So be patient!

If I wasn’t clear before, this girl would be willing to go bottoms up on any kind of age-reversing potion. Compared to that, temple filler sounds like a walk in the park. Consider my appointment made.

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