These Early 2000s Beauty Trends Are Back In A Big Way

by Dale Arden Chong


These Early 2000s Beauty Trends Are Back In A Big Way

Shop today’s takes on these Y2K favorites.

I grew up watching a lot of sitcoms, like Sister, Sister and Lizzie McGuire. Along with those feel-good shows, I loved my Blockbuster nights with Olsen Twin movies (Passport to Paris, anyone?). These pop culture influences taught me a lot in those days. And naturally, the most memorable takeaway was that somewhere in the world, there will always be a cute love interest waiting for me to traipse through their city (thank you, Our Lips Are Sealed). Okay, maybe that one was a little far-fetched. That aside, I would be lying if I said I didn’t absorb some serious fashion and beauty lessons during those hours glued to the television. Some of those trends (*ahem* popcorn shirts) didn’t exactly make it through my pre-teen years. However, there are some early 2000s beauty trends that have endured, even 20 years later. To my surprise, I’m into them — and something tells me you will be too.

Claw Clips

Judging by the tsunami wave of hair clips that stormed the beauty scene over the past two years, you’d think that we would have predicted claw clips — the barrette’s larger, and more clutching cousin —  as the next in line. But these iconic grippers caught me by surprise, especially since my only memories of them have to do with Rachel Green from Friends and my mother’s accessory collection. Now, there’s a virtually endless range of options available in different colors, prints, and shapes.

Body Glitter

Let’s be honest: glitter is just plain fun! There’s no reason you shouldn’t add it into your beauty repetoire. And thanks to the popularity of Euphoria, it’s resurfaced as a major trend. Tap it onto your cheekbones to replace your everyday highlighter, or swipe across your collarbone to take your look to otherworldly levels.

Shimmery Lip Gloss

The early 2000s beauty landscape wouldn’t be the same without the shimmery gloss that graced our lips. The frosty lip was a major trend of the Y2K era, and it’s safe to say that the futuristic lippies have made their way back to our beauty bags. Luckily, today’s formulas are way less sticky and way more hydrating. 

Butterfly Clips

Perhaps you’ve already taken my advice and stocked up on some claw clips. But if you’re determined to bring back every nostalgic beauty trend of the time, look no further than butterfly clips. The styling opportunities are endless with these little guys. They work especially well as a cute way to keep flyaway strands under control.

Glitter Nail Polish

You might have kept a glittery nail polish in your regular rotation over the years, but the semi-sheer options with chunky, confetti-like flecks are the ones that really bring us back. Want to truly channel the turn of the millennium? Keep your nails bare underneath this glittery topcoat for a minimal meets glam look.

Conair Hot Air Round Brush

Everyone has a memory of singing into their hair brushes in their childhood bedrooms, right? Well, when it comes to hairbrush-microphone hybrids, it doesn’t get better than the Conair round brush. The only way to upgrade? With one of these hot air brushes that will smooth and style your strands with minimal effort. This brush can be the best tool for creating a sleek blowout — or you know, a popstar-approved flip. Prepare to queue up those Britney hits.

Pearlescent Eyeshadow

Anyone trying to bring out their inner Supernova Girl knows that a shimmery, pearly eyeshadow is essential to the 2000s beauty look. Today’s much wider shade range, from pastel blues and purples to greens and pinks, means there’s no going wrong with this trend.

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