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This Celebrity Nutritionist and Her Mom Chat About Timeless Skincare Hacks

by Tori Emery

• By Tori Emery

Nutrition coach to the stars and theSKIN’s bff, Shauna Faulisi, is an expert on all things wellness. Shauna’s brand prioritizes mental health in everything from mixing healthy cocktails to feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you don’t follow her on Instagram (or have the privilege of knowing her!) let me tell you, Shauna by far has one of the biggest hearts, best work ethic, and knows how to have a good time.

Having spent time with both Shauna and her mother, Lia, it’s easy to see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Lia is such a mom. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, but don’t take that as “she’s boring” because she is far from it. Lia makes you feel like she’s your second mom, and Shauna makes you feel like you’re her favorite sister. So who better to ask about beauty on the inside and out, than these two?

Read on for a glimpse into this mother-daughter duo’s take on love, beauty, and self-care.

What is the biggest beauty lesson you’ve learned from each other?


Shauna was born beautiful and learned early to embrace beauty and self-care. She taught me that this is part of a healthy, true, and beautiful life. Commit to it! Enjoy it! And stay balanced! She also taught me not to get stuck in a makeup or skincare routine just because it’s familiar — explore new options, colors, formulas, treatments. It’s an exciting world of beauty and we want in! Always invest in good makeup and skincare because we are worth it.


Express yourself, take your time, show up feeling beautiful and your best. And wear sunscreen. A smile and kindness are the most important, but also: lipstick goes a long way!
What beauty lessons and tips did you learn from your mother?


My mom always looked beautiful. When she woke up, or gardened, or went out she just always was and is beautiful. She taught me to always take a moment to do a little extra on a daily basis — basically to keep up our skin, our eyebrows, our hair so that long term beauty was effortless. Then we are always ready for whatever the day will bring. And of course, always lipstick!


Groomed eyebrows frame your face. And lipstick goes a long way!
What’s your favorite self-care ritual?


Hydra facials are amazing. At home, I love to use masks. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with makeup — getting any kind of new makeup because the colors are so pretty! Sharing a meal with family and friends. This makes me happy which is the best self-care!


I don’t have one particular ritual that I fall back on — it’s more of an amalgamation of eating within my nutrition principles, water, sleep, quiet time, and finding time within my schedule to have fun and prioritize joy. All of these together make me feel the most taken care of.
What’s your go-to daily routine?


Sunscreen. Everyday. And lipstick!


At the very least: water upon waking, no technology for at least 30 minutes (a frantic brain dims clarity and breeds overthinking, and I feel the most beautiful when I’m centered and clear), moisturizer, tinted sunscreen, berry-stained lips, mascara, + imperfect waves. And my signature Glow Smoothie daily. The inside vibe is happy, chill, and grateful.

If I’m out for the night, or I’m feeling particularly sassy in the day, I do a cat-eye.

What do you admire most about each other?


I admire how kind, thoughtful, compassionate, determined, and insightful Shauna is. She is filled with light and love. When Shauna enters a room you immediately see her beauty, but it’s when you have the fortune to share time with her that you are taken with her inner beauty. I am in awe of how fully present she is in the world around her and with whomever she is with.


Mom is a delightfully happy person with a big heart and the sweetest smile. She always makes an active choice to be happy and make the best out of every situation — she doesn’t stress, stays calm, solves, and then makes whatever it is fun!

She has read book after book my entire life (she’s a natural speed reader which unfortunately I did not inherit).

I love that my mom has always taken good care of her parents. She groomed my grandfather from when she was a teenager up until the day he died. And now, she prioritizes her mom to make sure she has everything she needs.

Every day, growing up, when I would come home from school until I graduated high school, my mom stopped what she was doing — hung up the phone, paused anything else, and came to greet me and give me all of her attention. We would sit and chat until I hit an age that I didn’t want to chat, but she always hung around me quietly, doing something in the background that silently signaled to me that she was there for me. As an adult, I realize how much that has shaped me, and how lucky I am that I got to grow up with the most unselfish mom on the planet.

Shauna, did you ever raid your mom’s makeup or skincare when you were younger? What products did she have that you admired?


I never raided actually! We were super respectful of one another’s space in our household, but I do have fond memories of hanging out with my mom while she got ready to go out. It was such a nice lesson to see my mom take such good care of herself. She really embodies feeling beautiful on the inside/out.

And now that I’m revisiting these memories, sometimes, if I was grabbing something from my parents’ room and I passed my mom’s vanity I would stand there looking at everything. The gold Saint Laurent packaging, glass perfume bottles, eyelash curler, and brushes were always the most intriguing to me. I never touched though — I knew instinctively that this was mom’s special place.

Lia, as the mother of two daughters, what do you think is the most important lesson for parents to pass on to their children about beauty and self-care?


My girls are fortunate to both be so very beautiful. I hope I have taught them to honor that beauty and know it is a gift to treasure and nurture. That means treat your face and body with respect. Wear what makes you smile and do the regular things on the daily: eat well, exercise, and sunscreen every day. And remember, the true, real magic is to choose to have love, laughter, and happiness. This will always keep them beautiful and will show on their beautiful faces.

Interview courtesy of Lia and Shauna Faulisi (@shaunafaulisi).