Put Down The Tweezers And Get Inspired By These Iconic Full Brows

by Julia Gibson


Put Down The Tweezers And Get Inspired By These Iconic Full Brows

Full brows aren’t going anywhere.

I don’t know about you, but I have taken quarantine as an opportunity to do absolutely nothing to my brows. No tweezing, no waxing, nothing: just brushing them up with some gel when I feel like it. While I’m lucky that I never fell prey to the over-plucking trend of the 90’s and as a result don’t have too much brow rehabbing to do, I’m still very pleased by my thicker, messier brows. I know I’m not alone — between the popularity of micro-blading and lamination, natural, full brows are definitely in.

If you’re as into this look as I am, you’re in luck: we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most iconic thick brows out there. Use these examples of perfectly full brows as your inspiration.

Brooke Shields

No list of iconic brows would be complete without Brooke. Her full brows were famously beloved by photographer Richard Avedon and became her claim to fame in the 80’s. Unplucked and youthfully straight, these brows were a game changer.

Frida Kahlo

Painter and feminist Frida Kahlo is known for her iconic unibrow just as much as for her surreal self-portraits. By wearing her facial hair with unwavering confidence, she both celebrated her Mexican heritage and defied what society told her a woman should look like. Her iconic brows continue to inspire women who often feel shamed for not fitting in to narrow and exclusive beauty standard. Reminder: your body hair is beautiful!

Yara Shahidi

This breakout star of the hit show “Black-ish” has not only made a name for herself with her acting, but with her self-expression through her appearance (which is gorgeous, might we add?). She told Allure that growing out her unibrow was “symbolic of me appreciating my heritage.”

Zayn Malik

Although Zayn left One Direction years ago, one thing has remained the same: his incredible full brows. While they’ve gone through a few iterations (remember the eyebrow slit?), his brows have always been our favorite (sorry Harry!).

Joan Chen

As much as we love Audrey Horne, when it comes to glamour, no one on “Twin Peaks” did it quite like Joan Chen. As the mysterious Josie Packard, she rocked a bold red lip and thick, expressive eyebrows that brought the drama

Dua Lipa

Not only is she no stranger to pop charts, Dua Lipa also tops our list of best brows in the music biz. Whether she wears them filled in or clean and brushed-up, her bold, straight brows are major goals.

Solange Knowles

Nothing beats the beautiful shape of Solange’s eye-framing brows. Perfectly groomed, softly arched, and beautifully thick — what’s not to love?

Robert Pattinson

He’s come a long way from “Twilight.” Robert has left plucking behind and let his naturally thick brows do their thing in recent years, and we love it.

Lily Collins

Lily’s brows are a great example of how to groom your brows without sacrificing volume or shape. Those arches? Nothing short of perfection.

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