The Ultimate At-Home Workout Routine For Your Face

by Erin Starkweather


The Ultimate At-Home Workout Routine For Your Face

A workout you can do in bed? Sign us up!

We spend so much time in the gym toning our bodies, so why do we forget about the 43 muscles of the face? I firmly believe that everyone should subject their face to a weekly facial workout regimen. As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, those muscles just aren’t going to exercise themselves. My 4-step facial workout routine is a particularly convenient one because instead of having to haul yourself to a local pilates studio, it can happen in the home gym that is your bathroom. Similar to your favorite ClassPass workout, it takes around an hour. But in lieu of workout clothes, you get to wear pajamas. It’s a win-win on all accounts. I personally suggest saving this for Sunday evening, but any night you have a little extra time on your hands will do.

Step 1: Give your face a good double cleanse

I do this by massaging Tata Harper’s Oil Cleanser and into my face. Then I follow it up with Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser, aka the world’s most perfect gentle exfoliant. The most important part of this double cleansing process is the massage! I would recommend following along to this Facial Massage Routine video by OG makeup queen Lisa Eldridge to pick up a few tips and tricks.

Step 2: Get out the Gua Sha

While the jury’s still out on whether this is effective or not, I say why not try? I follow along to this video by Sandra Lanshin (facial Gua Sha starts at 8:00). She’s 45 and looks 30 which I think is proof enough. You can also throw in some jade rolling for good measure. I like to refrigerate my jade roller for extra skin-tightening action. If nothing else, this does an amazing job of increasing lymph flow and de-puffing the face.

We spend so much time in the gym toning our bodies, so why do we forget about the 43 muscles of the face?

Step 3: Try microcurrent

I get microcurrent facials, and swear by using either a ZIIP or NuFace for upkeep between professional treatments. Using a microcurrent device without a doubt diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and increases muscle tone in the face and neck. This is the most expensive part of my facial workout routine, but I think it’s a worthy and results-driven investment. You don’t need a Youtube video for this because both devices come with extensive instructions. The ZIIP even has its own app!

Step 4: Get ready for savasana with facial yoga

Admittedly, I do this step in bed. I found this video by Ranjana Khan around 2013, and I’ve been going back to it ever since. I’m sure there are more current videos out there, but I think this one is a super relaxing place to start. Facial yoga tones the muscles of the face, increases blood circulation, and strengthens the face’s elastic fibers.

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