These Are The Sick Day Beauty Products You Need This Flu Season

by Sara Pollock


These Are The Sick Day Beauty Products You Need This Flu Season

Avoid feeling like death warmed up with these comforting beauty staples.

Cold and flu season is here, and she’s worse than ever, with COVID-19 still very much a threat. Despite my best efforts in hand sanitation, vitamin-c consumption, downing honey and lemon and covering half my face, wintertime sickness is inevitable for me. As soon as I feel that roughness in my throat, I know that I’m going to have to resign myself to a couple of days quarantined in bed, surrounded by an array of tissues with my nose running like a faucet. Living the dream life. 

When you’re cooped up in bed with a throat of thorns, it’s completely okay to feel sorry for yourself and do what you can to try to make yourself feel better: indulge in some online retail therapy, eat cupcakes, obsessively re-watch the entirety of The Nanny. What works for me? Using a handful of beauty products to help aid my recovery. Whilst they may not have any pharmaceutical benefits or be able to cure you (sorry) they will perk you up and add a little joy in this otherwise miserable time. Read on for my favorite sick day beauty products.g

Once you’ve mustered up the strength to walk into the shower, treat your body to a soothing and refreshing body wash, like this one from Malin & Goetz. The combination of the strong eucalyptus scent and steam from the shower is relaxing and invigorating; you might even be able to trick yourself into thinking that you’re in a spa. And since eucalyptus oil is a natural decongestant, it’s a less greasy version of smothering your chest with Vicks VapoRub.

Face spritzes are great, but I never quite know how to work them in my routine. That is, until I was plagued with a severe head cold and a raised temperature. A little bottle of this mist from Saturday Skin was a savior in my time of need. This superstar spray, featuring enriched hyaluronic acid, will add a veil of moisture to dry, parched dehydrated skin. Bonus: It’s also great for night sweats!

All that congestion forcing you to breathe through your mouth? That’s a recipe for dry, irritated lips. Of all the sick day beauty products, a good lip hydrator is essential. Try using a sleep mask like this one from Sweet Chef. Restorative ingredients like rich rice bran and squalene will help repair sore and chapped lips overnight. 

We all know that a case of the flu seriously derails our finely crafted skincare routines and sucks moisture right out of our skin. Even if you’re bedridden, you can replenish lost hydration with an indulgent, thick replenishing sleep mask like this rose-infused option from Fresh. This 2-step powerhouse infused with hyaluronic acid and damask rose extract brings neglected skin right back to life.

It can be majorly depressing to lay around in bed all day, which is why we suggest freshening your space with an uplifting diffuser or a comforting candle. This diffuser from Hathaspace disperses a light, fresh fragrant mist with your chosen essential oil. An aesthetically pleasing design plus a natural solution for insomnia and anxiety? Yes please!

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