These Mask-Friendly Makeup Looks Will Make Your Eyes Pop

by Sara Pollock


These Mask-Friendly Makeup Looks Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Who would have predicted that the must have accessory for SS20 would be a face covering? Enter mask friendly makeup. Donning a covering while out and about is just one of the many ways in which we are adapting to the “new normal” (a phrase we have been hearing way too much recently). Being a self-confessed lover of accessories, I’ve already treated myself to a handful of cute face masks (and seriously eyeing up a silk leopard print one next) to distract from missing my signature red lip, which I’m feeling weirdly naked without. 

A bright, punchy lip has been my go-to look for the best part of 15 years, so it has taken some getting used to. With this in mind, the ultimate solution to keeping your makeup on point despite having only half a canvas to work with is to up the ante on your eye look. 

Mask-friendly makeup looks are here to stay. Scroll down below for some looks + recommended products which will make your eyes the focus!


Neon Winged Liner

This is the perfect time to swap your traditional inky black cat eye for something unexpected. Try your hand at a neon pop instead with Suva Beauty Hydra Fx cake liners, which come in a juicy selection of intense neon hues. These are water activated, so one drop and you’re good to go! As they’re a solid cake formula, they’ll stay good for longer than typical gel eye products.


Glitter Accents

It’s okay to be apprehensive about adding glitter — I get it! I’d urge you not to let your memories of crusty lids and roll on body glitter from Claire’s Accessories circa Y2K cloud your judgement. Glitter can be cool when used sparingly (or not, if that’s your thing). Try this glitter gel by Slayfire Cosmetics: not only is it biodegradable and cruelty-free, but it’s also infused with apricot and jojoba oil. Dab a little on your brow bone or try a new take on the traditional smokey eye by pressing some on the lower lid (avoiding the water line).


Graphic Liner

I know I suggested color, but if you’re loyal to your inky black liner then it’s time to get creative. There are no rules when it comes to graphic liner! Make it as minimalist or as dramatic as your mood takes you. Think negative spaces, vertical designs, reverse wings — the possibilities are endless. A dual-ended, smudge proof formula such as Huda Life Liner is a great way to get this look. Mask friendly makeup in a tube!


Glossy Lids

Fact: nothing looks as effortlessly cool as a glossed-up lid. While formerly reserved for photo shoots and editorials, this dewy look has caught on in recent years. Try blending Gucci Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière All Over Face & Lip Gloss on top of a neutral base shade. Keep in mind: when adding gloss to your eyes, acceptance of smudging and creasing is key. I say embrace a little creasing in a well-loved, worn-out leather jacket kind of way.


Heavy Metal

Lids covered in bold metallic shades are guaranteed to grab attention. Our pick? Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Foils: these liquid shadows offer gleaming, runway-worthy shine and come in a range of 8 otherworldly shades (honorable mention to the shade Alien — a stunning peachy gold reflective duo chrome). Dab the product in the middle of your eyelid and use fingers to diffuse towards the outer and inner corners of your eye. 

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