theSKIN Audit: Want Toned Skin? Try This Smoothing Serum

by Dale Arden Chong


theSKIN Audit: Want Toned Skin? Try This Smoothing Serum

Add this to your nighttime routine.

Truth be told, I was not an early adopter of serums. My skincare routine involved three products: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. To disrupt that with an additional product seemed like madness. But eventually, I gave in — and boy, am I glad I did. Serums brought my beauty world to new heights. There are so many options to choose from — hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, ferulic acid, the list goes on. The latest one to grab my attention? Senté’ Bio Complete Serum.

Here’s the skinny on Senté: thanks to their Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology, the California-based brand has become a highly recommended name among dermatologists everywhere. Senté uses HSA to focus on reducing inflammation while also boosting the skin’s ability to repair itself.

If you look at what’s inside the Bio Complete Serum, you’re probably familiar with one of the product’s key ingredients: retinol. This topical form of vitamin A is often found in anti-aging products, thanks to the fact that it encourages collagen growth and supports cell turnover. That said, if you’ve done your research on the ingredient, you know that too much of a good thing isn’t always best. Luckily, Senté’s serum has a lower retinol concentration, which means even those with sensitive skin (like myself) can handle it. Color me intrigued.

Adding it into my nightly routine was an easy adjustment. After cleanser and toner, I apply 1 to 2 pumps of serum to my face and let it absorb into my skin while I brush my teeth. Then, I finish things off with a hydrating night cream.

My roommate noted how fresh my skin looked, even in the dim glow of our apartment.

When I woke up the morning after day one, I immediately noticed how taut my skin felt (a welcome sensation in the beauty world). A couple of days later, I see a more even tone in my complexion — which, to be honest, made me want to stare at myself all day. My roommate noted how fresh my skin looked, even in the dim glow of our apartment. All signs point to this serum.

As someone who’s seen her fair share of luxury beauty products, I can’t say I’ve experienced one with such immediate results. It’s only been one week, and my skin has been under control and glowing. The Bio Complete Serum keeps my face from freaking out despite the healthy dose of stress and hormones I usually experience. I’m eager to see what my skin will look like after more time with the serum.

If you’re wary of spending a pretty penny on Senté Bio Complete Serum, trust me — it’s worth it. Based on my experience, it leads to a soft, even complexion. Plus, it’ll also replace other night serums and simplify your routine in the process. This is one serum I am entirely behind, and I think you will be, too.

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