Virtual Social Hour: Brow Tutorial with Kristie Streicher

by theSKIN


Virtual Social Hour: Brow Tutorial with Kristie Streicher

the best tutorial you’ll ever find, with the best in the biz

All of this restless energy, coupled with not being able to keep up with our regularly scheduled beauty appointments makes for taking beauty maintenance in our own hands (we’re looking at you, @pink). Kristie Streicher, eyebrow expert, came to the rescue with a Virtual Social Hour for trimming your own brows at home. Although it’s not the same as seeing her in person, it does the trick for all your Zoom calls. Do yourself a favor and order Kristie’s Essential Grooming Kit (because you + your brows deserve it) and follow along to her tutorial below.




Kristie Streicher is a Los Angeles-based eyebrow artist and beauty world darling, whose signature Feathered Brow technique has delighted devoted clientele and the fashion world alike. With an amazing eye for seemingly every individual face shape, Kristie and her signature Feathered Brow have changed the way women and beauty insiders see and experience their brows. She is the co-owner of STRIIIKE, a beauty and creative space in Beverly Hills she shares with her sisters, Jenn and Ashley.

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