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About us

It all started with two science degrees, one amazing friendship and a late night wine infused conversation…enter ‘get the skin’.

Physiotherapists turned entrepreneurs we are passionate to bring you 100% natural products - when we say natural we mean natural! You wont find ingredients on our labels that you can’t pronounce or haven’t heard of before. We wanted to create beautiful products that not only help you and your skin but are also affordable so you don’t feel guilty every time you scrape out that last bit of cream from the jar.

We are tired of the loop holes and unnecessary added chemicals and preservatives in skincare products. Our skin is our biggest organ; you wouldn’t go massaging synthetic chemicals onto your liver so why put it on your body?

We are committed to sourcing the highest quality and certified organic ingredients where possible. We test on ourselves, willing friends and family and never on animals. You won’t find synthetic fragrances in our products, just 100% pure essential oils. Which means your nostrils will have a little party every time you open a tin!

We hand make every product at home, label every product ourselves and package it up to send straight to you.

After treating patients day in day out we realised our hands were constantly coated in chemicals, and we were also covering our patients in chemicals too! We wanted to create products that are safe for everyone to use everyday and as a bonus will help your skin. Simply loaded with skin loving ingredients and the miracle mineral magnesium!

Simple, organic, fresh handmade products with 100% truth on labels is what you will get from us – with some fun along the way.

Don’t buy chemical filled creams and lotions, punch some mean Z's, calm ya farm with 'calm it balm', say 'Oh Mg' as you massage your way to silky smooth legs and rub on some ‘mend ya muscle’.

Get the skin and love your skin without the nasties!

We love feedback from customers – please get in contact via our email address

xo Lana & Kat