7 Benefits of Solo Sex in Self-Isolation

by Michaela d'Artois


7 Benefits of Solo Sex in Self-Isolation

Why not use this time to figure out what really turns you on?

While many of us are feeling estranged from our loved ones, teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown and beginning to crave human interaction beyond a Zoom conference, there are limited options for boosting our moods and our libidos. In times when human touch can feel out of reach, self-pleasure is a precious commodity. This pasttime not only makes the hours fly by, but it also has some seriously beneficial kickbacks for your mind, body, and soul. But Michaela, you may say, the world is crumbling outside my window, how can I think of these things at a time like this? And to that I tell you, I’m here to make an argument for the benefits of solo sex in self-isolation. I’ve come armed with a guide to female-friendly porn sites to stoke your fire. Charge your vibrators: the world may feel like it’s ending, but you have calories to burn and happy hormones to boost. Here’s how a little self-love will help you feel better, and not just in the moment.


Orgasms produce oxytocin, which is a leading fighter against depression. Giving our body’s the chance to produce more of this can help you feel a sense of relief even in the darkest moments.


If you’re anything like us, you’re struggling to balance your anxiety in these uncertain times, the endorphins released during a self-pleasuring session have been proven to subside stress.


We all know that trying to keep up with the never-ending news cycle only adds to that aforementioned anxiety. This intimate activity is the perfect distraction to keep you off your phone. Now that is a blessing.


Put away the face mask: having an orgasm releases estrogen, which boosts our body’s collagen production and gives our skin that dewy glow. An increase in collagen can also be an anti-aging miracle worker as it creates moisture and plumpness in the skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

In times when human touch can feel out of reach, self-pleasure is a precious commodity.


Estrogen leaves us glowing inside too it’s an incredible mood booster! Yet another point for estrogen this hormone rules over the female reproductive system so the more of it your body is producing, the happier and healthier your periods will be.


When we don’t have access to pilates, gyms or our friends with benefits, solo sex is a great way to burn calories. A study conducted by PLOS ONE shows that women on average burn 69 calories in 25-minutes of sex.


Sex promotes a healthy immune system. Research has found that by indulging in a sexy sess. your body will produce higher levels of Immunoglobulin A, an antibody that helps fight infection.

There’s no better time than during this intermission of quarantine to learn the in’s and out’s of your personal pleasure. Take it seriously, schedule it into your to-do list and take time to feel into it as you would with a romantic partner. One of the biggest benefits you can gain from this is coming out the other side fluent in your own pleasure.

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