Could This Ancient Chinese Method Amp Up Your Sex Life?

by Michaela d'Artois


Could This Ancient Chinese Method Amp Up Your Sex Life?

Bet you never thought that rearranging your furniture could help you have the best sex of your life.

In an age where the term manifesting is as much a common verb as hustling or twerking, we seek methods that work best for us in this journey of self-actualizing. Enter Feng Shui: an ancient modality of harnessing your Qi (energy) to uplift yourself and your spaces to attract ultimate abundance, often through the placement and organization of belongings in tandem with intention.

It’s said that Feng Shui is a potent means of manifesting what you really want, and what’s a more universal search than for a few capital O’s: the One, and the Big O. So, if you’re intention is to call in a blossoming spring romance or a hot and heavy summer love maybe it’s time to lock and load that Swiffer and see if this whole Qi thing holds merit. I bet you never thought rearranging the furniture in your living room could be the key to unlocking the best sex you’ve ever had, but what’s the harm in flinging open that door to find out? 

First things first, I call on my dear friend and ultra-cool Feng Shui consultant Meghan Wallace James with one big question: can rearranging my home (and my underwear drawer) heat up my love life?

Transform Your Space Into A Living Mood Board

James spares no time in suggesting I toss the vision boards and put some muscle into it. “No need for the adolescent magazine tear-outs taped to your mirror,” she says, “rather, employ visual metaphors.” If the want is love and/or partnership, the act is to turn your space into a living mood board. But before that, you’ve got to get real with yourself. Start by asking some heavy-hitting questions. “Does your bedroom look loving to you? Does it look passionate?” James prompts, “Is there even room for another?” Take notes about what you see, feel, and need. I turn to my bed, notebook in hand, and say aloud: would you want to make love here?

Set The Scene

Once you’ve opened up a dialogue with yourself and your space, it’s time to fill your home with tangible duality pointing its arrow toward love. A bed that’s accessible from both sides is “a must” says James, as well as two matching bed-side tables offering a place for another’s belongings to rest. Overall, when calling in love or lust, things should show up in the room in pairs. Other ways to energetically invite romance in is with beautiful clean bedsheets, caramel-like lighting that flatters, and enticing scents like rose or tuberose. 

“Can rearranging my home (and my underwear drawer) heat up my love life?

Turn on Your Love Corner

James may not look like your mother’s Feng Shui consultant, but she never veers too far from the classics. Take for example, using elemental harmony followed by the ancient methods’ own treasure map: the Bagua. Aligning this map with your front door, let’s head to our hot-spot, the love corner, found at the very top right. Once you’ve located said corner, it’s important that what resides in it reflects your wants. Replace anything unromantic (like clutter, work, dirty laundry) with a house-plant spilling over with leafy fertility, or a pair of cleansed and tasked rose quartz crystals to do your bidding.

Come on in, there’s Plenty of Room

“I’m constantly reminding my clients that if they are asking for more more love, more abundance — they need to create space for more to be welcomed in,” says James. In essence, where there is space, it can be filled. She suggests clearing out clutter from over-stuffed drawers, taking that box of old clothing to Goodwill, and tossing those mementos from an old lover in order to welcome in the new. If you’re wanting more of James’ Feng Shui wisdom, follow her full guide to romance cultivation.

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