How to Use CBD To Have The Best Sex of Your Life

by Julia Gibson


How to Use CBD To Have The Best Sex of Your Life

Stronger orgasms? Sign us up.

These days, CBD is everywhere, and it’s no wonder: this buzzy compound been proven to reduce inflammation, quell anxiety, and relieve chronic pain, and that’s just scratching the surface. With all these benefits, it makes perfect sense that CBD mania has expanded into the world of sexual health. In addition to oral tinctures, edibles, and vapes, there’s a variety of products tailor-made to enjoy during sex — think lotions, massage oils, and even lube.

Basically, there are a few ways to use this magic ingredient in the bedroom, starting with putting it straight on your body. “Applying CBD topically can relax muscles and increase blood flow, contributing to heightened sensation,” says Jewel Zimmer, founder of CBD brand Juna. To put it simply: heightened sensation = stronger and more intense orgasms. Using a lube or a body oil formulated with CBD can ensure the benefits are making their way to the most important areas. Make it even sexier by applying to your partner and vice versa during foreplay, or use it with toys during a solo sesh.

Not only can CBD enhance an already solid sex life, it can help with some common issues. Whether it’s trouble getting aroused, a lack of desire, or pain during sex, many people struggle with some form of sexual dysfunction. If you find that penetrative sex is painful, try a suppository or apply a topical ahead of time. “CBD relaxes muscles, which can help reduce pain,” says Zimmer. And if you use a topical CBD product that’s oil-based, it will relieve dryness and add significant lubrication, helping to further ease pain. If you’re having trouble getting in the mood, this can help you get there too. “CBD also acts as a vasodilator, which means it can increase blood flow and that could lead to arousal,”  says Zimmer. And those calming properties come back into play as well: “Taken orally, it can help with pre-sex anxiety or nervousness,” says Zimmer.

“CBD = heightened sensation = stronger and more intense orgasms.

There’s still one big question on everyone’s mind: will we get high? Zimmer says no, that’s not the case. “CBD itself will not make you high,” she says. Make sure you read formulations carefully though, otherwise you may end up going to bed stoned (something you want to do intentionally, not accidentally). “If you purchase from a dispensary, it may have a higher concentration of THC, and that could make you high, especially if you are ingesting it orally,” Zimmer warns. 

The ratio of CBD to THC is just one thing to think about when making your product selection. Just like with any other product going on or in your body (especially those sensitive areas!), it’s important to pay attention to ingredients and quality. Zimmer recommends researching the company behind the product. “Find out how they think about farming and extraction, and make sure that they have 3rd party lab testers to back up their dosage,” she says, “All CBD is not created equal!”

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