Skin Deep

Skin Deep


ABOUT FACE: Gloria Noto

NOTO Botanics’ namesake founder talks all things organic beauty, activism, and inclusivity.

How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Beauty Online

LA’s latest it-girl is a designer, a front-end developer, and an absolute boss.

daniela feature

SKIN_IRL: Daniela Morosini

Meet our London editor who loves her serums as much as she loves grabbing margaritas with her sister.

theSKIN ABOUT FACE: Allison Mcnamara
theSKIN ABOUT FACE: Allison Mcnamara

ABOUT FACE: Allison McNamara

From red carpet host to skincare CEO, clean beauty founder, Allison McNamara spills all her secrets.

ABOUT FACE: Julie Houts

Meet the illustrator behind your fave satirical insta.

theSKIN ABOUT FACE: Julie Houts
theSKIN ABOUT FACE: Carina Chaz

ABOUT FACE: Carina Chaz

DedCool’s founder Carina Chaz is starting conversations, one clean fragrance at a time.