It’s Time To Celebrate Chosen Sisterhood

by Nicole Lesmeister


It’s Time To Celebrate Chosen Sisterhood

Whether related by blood or by choice, we’re showing love for our sisters today.

When women experience a deep bond, absolute magic occurs. The ties women experience in female friendships are incredibly complex systems of nurturing acceptance, and around National Sisters’ Day, we’d like to recognize the importance of chosen sisterhood.

Sometimes these holidays feel triggering. They might remind us of what we don’t have, or what we’ve lost. But whether you have a sister by blood you feel close to, or not at all, we tend to think sisterhood goes far beyond that. Our chosen family — the people that fall into our lives and lock in so resolutely — are just as much our family. 

We live in a realm that disparages and oppresses so many, and women are always somewhere near the top of that list. Yet we should never discount our emotional intelligence, our complex yet concise analyses of people and experiences, or our love for one another. Allying with other strong women only reinforces our own sense of self. It is crucial to find sisterhood in life in order to break down the patriarchal systems of constant oppression. Sisterhood is the lifeblood of the world, whether we recognize that or not.

When women experience a deep bond, absolute magic occurs.

Our sisters are our checks and balances. They are there to provide daily check-ins and constant reminders of love. They are there to be angry, to cry, to laugh, to feel the depths of our emotions, all without feeling “crazy” for it. If anything, we feel more ourselves than any other time.

So we want to say thank you. Thank you to every woman who has been a sister to another and who has loved unconditionally. Thank you for the laughs and the cringes, the scream-cries and the hair-holding on nights to be forgotten. Thank you for holding each other accountable. Thank you for the warmth and unwavering support, the pep-talks, the favors, both big and small, professional and personal, that helped pave our roads to success.

Honoring chosen sisterhood is especially important in the Brave New World that is 2020. We need to adjust as we enter a new universe of normal, and the seismic shift that is taking place is both eerie and empowering, despite also being uncertain. If quarantine feels hard, if educating ourselves feels difficult, if work is overwhelming, if we’re depressed without cognitive reason: reach out. Find your sister and give her a call. Believe that she needs it too. Hold all of your sisters tight, whether they are “real” family or chosen. A sisterhood is the strongest emotional structure we can lean on in life. Let’s be invincible together.

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