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Your February Beauty Horoscope: What Your Sign Should Try This Month

by Liv Gibson


• By Liv Gibson

Wondering which beauty treatment you should do this month? The answer is written in the stars. Read on for your zodiac sign’s personalized beauty horoscope for February. And remember to take extra good care of yourself this month — Mercury is in retrograde until the 21st.

ARIES: The Ram
March 21st – April 19th

Hello beautiful ram! This month, there will be a lot of emphasis on your 11th house of friends and social world.  It is time to get clear on your vision for the future, and how you can use your status and place in the community to further your goals. The beginning of February will be all about social interaction and influence, so hop on to your socials and share some of your beauty advice with the world. It may go viral! There is a lot of Aquarian energy during this month’s mercury retrograde, which for you means one thing: rebirth. Honor this process by giving yourself a renewing treatment to slough off old, tired skin cells. Perhaps a light peel or a microdermabrasion will do the trick? Towards the end of the month with the full moon in Virgo, treat yourself to a calming at-home facial while you meditate on your progress. You don’t need to be active all the time Aries!

TAURUS: The Bull
April 20th – May 20th

Hello wonderful bull! Mars is sitting pretty in your sign all month long, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself being a little on the impatient side. At the beginning of the month, it will behoove you to find where you can go with the flow of life. Perhaps a hydrating facial will help you get in touch with your watery side (and beat that winter dry skin!). With an emphasis on your 4th house of hearth and home, you will want to hide away in your comfort zone. Resist the urge! Instead, schedule that new treatment or service you’ve been too scared to try. This month’s energy is guiding you in a direction of breaking out of your current ruts. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in the same beauty regimen and need to shake things up a bit. Connect with your natural sensuality and indulge in a floral, sweet perfume. Try new things, don’t hide away and make sure you’re putting your best face forward this month!

GEMINI: The Twins
May 21st – June 20th

Hello fun-loving Gemini! February brings you a newfound spark of energy to learn new things, specifically from social media. But beware of who you are getting your  information and inspiration from! Don’t feel bad about cleaning up your socials and unfollowing pages who don’t inspire you or don’t make you feel good about yourself. Find beauty gurus and pages whose messages you truly believe in (we recommend getting started with @gettheskin). Now would be the perfect time to learn a new makeup or hair technique from one of your favorite online personas! This month is all about expanding your world and trying new things from beyond your bubble, so try learning a new beauty routine from another part of the world (rice water hair rinse, anyone?) The full moon on the 27th brings groundedness in your home and a desire to make it your own. Harness this energy and redecorate with plenty of yellow and green accents. Keep expanding your mind and your body; literally! Stretch in the morning to get that blood pumping and keep your skin awake and healthy. 

CANCER: The Crab
June 21st – July 22nd

Hello sweet crab baby! With a lot of energy centered around your 8th house of transformation, don’t be alarmed if it feels as if you’re shedding your old skin (or, I suppose molting your old shell)! Free yourself from old doubts by repeating positive affirmations through the steps of your beauty routine. Harness the power of self love with a rose quartz face roller and gently massage all those limiting beliefs away. Now is not the month to withdraw, Cancer! It is the time to fully embrace self love, open up your heart chakra, and step forward into your power. This means being sure you’re being attentive in caring for the skin on your face as well as your décolletage. Show that heart chakra some love with a rose scented scrub all over your torso. This will aid in shedding the old emotional baggage and bringing in new, positive energy.

LEO: The Lion
July 23rd – August 22nd

Hello majestic lion! This month is bringing a focus on your 7th house of partnerships, so utilize this energy and go get a couple’s massage with your sweetie or a mani with your bestie! Don’t be shy, share your beauty faves with your friend group and learn theirs as well. You’ll feel the most beautiful this month when you nurture your close relationships. The full moon in Virgo is bringing you a new perspective and encouraging you to change things up. Release the old, and let in with the new. You can do this by changing up your style to something totally new and adding a few unexpected pieces to your wardrobe, preferably in bold jewel tones. Or switch up your routine — make sure you’re throwing out the old crusty products that are no longer serving you!

VIRGO: The Virgin
August 23rd – September 22nd

Hello marvelous Virgo! This month is shining a light on your responsibilities. Take them seriously (although that usually goes without saying, you practical earth sign you). Do each step of your beauty routine thoroughly and with intent; don’t skimp out on the boring yet important steps (sunscreen anybody?). As the new moon begins on the 11th, feel free to implement some new daily habits, and make sure you’re covering all your bases. Are you taking a multivitamin? Protecting your hair with a UV protectant? Getting enough water? Take the time to carefully assess your routine! The full moon encourages you to pay attention to what needs you haven’t fulfilled. Is your skin dry and needs some TLC? Now would be a great time to book a consult with your favorite esthetician and address some things you may have been neglecting!

LIBRA: The Scales
September 23rd – October 22nd

Hello glamorous Libra! This message may come as no surprise to the very poised air sign, but this month is all about balance! Be mindful of navigating between being cautious and being carefree. Certain things must be done in your routine that maybe you don’t like doing, but you must do these mundane beauty tasks. Then you can balance it all out by having a little fun! Try a new manicure or buy that outfit you never would; just make sure your basics are covered (P.S. the color orange is said to bring you luck this year). With an emphasis on the 5th house, this is an ideal time to hone a new creative skill. Maybe try a new eyeliner look or a new hairstyle? With all this new creative energy and constant balancing, you’ll want to be sure you replenish yourself to keep your energy levels high. Drink lots of water and take your multivitamins, and show yourself some love by pampering yourself with a warm bubble bath (we won’t judge if you splurge on those expensive bath bombs).

SCORPIO: The Scorpion
October 23rd – November 21st

Hello gorgeous Scorpio! As a very common theme in Scorpio’s life, this month is about connecting to your passions. What are you passionate about? What gets your heart pumping and gets you up in the morning with a hop in your step? As your passion and excitement soars, be sure to practice grounding techniques. Perhaps meditating with your bare feet on the grass, so you can feel connected to the earth. And what better way to pamper yourself after a meditation sesh in nature than an at-home pedicure? Make sure you have all the necessary tools and soak your feet in a warm bath before painting your toes with an orange or red hue; these shades will bring you luck in 2021. When the sun enters Pisces at the end of the month, its energy will remind you to have a little fun, and smile! After all, that’s the best beauty secret of all.

November 22nd – December 21st

Hello feisty Sag! February is bound to be an exciting month for you! This fire sign usually doesn’t shy away from extremes, but be careful of not going overboard. Find balance in your regimen. You don’t need to exfoliate every day! Keep a healthy rotation of products going, and be sure to pay attention to when your skin, hair, or nails need a break (this month might not be the best time to get gels or acrylics!) With lots of planets in the 3rd house of communication, February encourages you to share your knowledge. Don’t be stingy with your beauty secrets, Sag. Share with your people, or better yet, on your socials. Be sure to care for the little things in your life, and if you haven’t already, starting a mindfulness practice will greatly benefit you this year. If you’re stuck at home, use this time to beautify your space. Keep it clean, organized, and inspiring with plenty of yellows and oranges, and your energy is sure to flow smoothly for the rest of the year.

December 22nd – January 19th

Hello strong sea goat! You should be very proud of yourself for all the growth you have achieved over the past few years. You’ve been through a tremendous awakening, and you’re rebirthing yourself! Why not honor this process by heading to your esthetician and getting a renewing peel or dermaplaning sesh? You can give your skin a chance to rebirth and breathe, just as you have been doing. This month is the time to do all those things you only dreamt you could do. Still holding on to those self-limiting beliefs? Now is the time to get rid of them once and for all. Especially during the full moon on the 27th, practice saying affirmations to yourself in the mirror as you complete your nighttime skincare routine. Words are powerful, and they translate to your outer glow (and the peel doesn’t hurt either).

AQUARIUS: The Water Bearer
January 20th – February 18th

Happy Birthday extraordinary Aquarius! Most planets are nestling in your sign this month, so it’s all about you! Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself and put yourself first — it is your birthday after all, and you can cry if you want to! Although you won’t need to because you can expect a reinvention of yourself, making way for a brand new you. Purge your closet this month and get rid of old clothes that this new, badass version of you wouldn’t wear anymore. Be sure to go through your makeup bag and throw out any expired product — we don’t need old germs clogging up our pores for this glow up! To start things off on the right foot, why not book a microinfusion treatment to really press in those vitamins and all the good stuff for a healthy glow. Now go and achieve your dreams!

PISCES: The Fish
February 19th – March 20th

Happy Birthday to you too, sweet Pisces! This month (and possibly for a while) the message for you is to release and let go. With lots of energy surrounding your 12th house of dreams, secrets and emotion, things can feel tense! A great way to release all this pent up energy? Book yourself a long massage, or ask nicely for one from someone you love! Now is the time to get clear on your intentions and goals, and verbalizing all the things you need to let go of can help. Saying aloud “I release…” statements will help you on your way. Take the time to do things that make you happy. Do you love that new scrub you just bought? Enjoy every second of using it so that you radiate happiness and contentment. Don’t forget to take care of your brain health through all of these emotions. Drink your green smoothies and take your Omega 3s. You are, after all, the fish!