How The Signs Are Social Distancing

by theSKIN


How The Signs Are Social Distancing

None of them are going out, but they’re all staying busy (and they’re all washing their hands!)

Let’s face it: we’re all under a little (or a lot) extra stress right now. Whether we’re practicing social distancing by ourselves, with a partner, or with our families, it’s tough to find ways to pass the time when most of our regular activities are on pause. Luckily, we can get a little guidance from the stars to find our perfect social distancing activities. Read on to see what the signs are doing while staying the heck away from others.

ARIES: Working up a sweat

Aries has a ton of energy, and it has to go somewhere! Catch this fire sign working it out with an at-home boxing sesh, a Youtube HIIT workout, or a long run (six feet away from anyone else of course).

TAURUS: Turning their bathroom into a spa

If anyone know the meaning of luxury it’s Taurus, and right now they’re pulling out all the stops. This earth sign is lounging in a claw foot tub with a glass of champagne and their most expensive mask on. Who needs a spa?

GEMINI: Reading a philosophy book

Ever the brainiac, Gemini needs serious intellectual stimulation, especially when they’re alone! This air sign is pulling their most obscure philosophical tome off the bookshelf and diving right in. Expect to hear all about it when you get together again.

CANCER: Cooking their favorite recipe (and crying a little)

It’s all about comfort for Cancer, so they’re taking to the kitchen to make something warm, like lasagna or a batch of cookies, to share with whoever they’re quarantined with. Their secret ingredient? Maybe a tear (or 5). Hey, they’ve got feelings!

LEO: Taking isolation selfies and sending to friends

Leo know exactly what their audience, ahem, friends want: lots of social distancing selfies. How else are we all going to admire their beautiful faces and luxurious manes? Be sure to offer them a compliment during this trying time; you know they deserve it.

VIRGO: Finishing a 1,000 piece puzzle

Virgo loves order and cleanliness, and finishing a puzzle satisfies their need for each of these. This earth sign needs something to challenge their analytical mind during periods of boredom, and their perfectionism won’t let them take on anything less than the biggest puzzle they could find.

LIBRA: Facetiming all day

Is that your phone ringing…again? It’s definitely Libra, craving quality face time with their friends and family. This sociable air sign is making sure that social distancing does not equal social isolation. And they’re looking great while they do it: you’ll never catch fashionable Libra skyping in anything less than their finest loungewear.

SCORPIO: Lighting a candle and masturbating

Passionate Scorpio knows just what to do when they get a little alone time. This sensual water sign is lighting a mood-setting candle, pulling out their favorite toy, and proving that just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t feel really, really good.

SAGITTARIUS: Planning their next trip

Known for their uncontrollable urge to explore, Sag is probably taking social distancing and travel restrictions the hardest. This fire sign is still getting their fix by pinning pics of far-away destinations and planning the trip they’re going to take once they can leave the house.

CAPRICORN: WFH on a strict schedule

Determined Capricorn refuses to let anything stand in the way of their productivity and has wasted no time turning their home into their office. Wait, wasn’t it already? This hard-working earth sign refuses to take a day off, so they are likely the ones blowing up your Slack channel.

AQUARIUS: Starting a podcast

What else is Aquarius supposed to do with all their thoughts (seriously, they have so many)? Eccentric Aquarius is an engaging conversationalist and isn’t afraid to stand out with their opinions. They’re using this time to set up a podcasting studio so they can transmit their ideas to others from afar.

PISCES: Keeping up with their meditation practice

Notice we didn’t say starting? Wise Pisces loves to stay in tune with themselves and the universe, and meditating has helped them do just that. This intuitive water sign is taking deep breaths and reciting their favorite mantras as a healthy way to escape from reality.

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