The Best Face Mask For Your Zodiac Sign

by theSKIN


The Best Face Mask For Your Zodiac Sign

There’s no excuse not to wear them now that they’re some of the most sought-after accessories!

Whether you’re in LA or the UK, we’re all stepping up our COVID hygiene by wearing face masks whenever we leave the house. To meet this new demand for an unexpected (but essential!) accessory, fashion houses across the world have quickly been releasing new styles of reusable masks and competing to create the new It-Mask in the process.

At this point, it’s hard not to justify purchasing a reusable mask (or a few). Many of these brands are giving back to their communities by donating proceeds from mask purchases to COVID-19 relief funds and giving masks to the essential workers who need them most. Not to mention, it’s a sustainable choice.

Here at theSKIN we’re big proponents of wearing masks. We’ve teamed up with our in-house astrologer to find you the perfect mask for your sign. Whether you’re a sensitive Cancer or an audacious Leo, make it a priority to keep yourself and your loved ones physically and mentally healthy by wearing a mask that captures your sign’s signature style. Read on to find the best face mask for your zodiac sign!


You love to keep a low profile Cancer, and we can’t blame you for that. Your tendency is to keep track of all the other signs and understand deeper levels of emotion than most. Since you’re more prone to vulnerability and are highly sensitive, why not try a comforting cotton mask like this one from RHODE that caters to sensitive skin (Yes, even your skin can be sensitive!).



It’s no surprise you get the most expensive mask of the group. This season we suggest you embrace your bold nature and go balls to the wall with the Off-White mask. The most-searched-for fashion item of 2020, this is a tough find (which probably makes you want it even more — it’s okay we don’t judge). Nothing will make you feel more in the limelight than showing off your exclusive find.



There’s a place for everything, and everything has its place in your world. With strong attention to detail and a refined taste, we think you’ll lean on the more conservative side this season. The Vida mask is minimalistic and effective, but don’t let the simplicity fool you — it comes with a replaceable filter so you’ll be able to ease any anxieties and put your focus back into the life you’ve effortlessly curated for yourself.



Libra, you love to balance all aspects of your life, and you never sacrifice fashion for function. This season, lean into your love for your fast-paced and active life by sporting this mask from Adidas. Sleek, classic, and effortlessly cool, Adidas is bound to satisfy your refined palette.



Your power doesn’t come from your fashion choices, but from within (but you already knew that). Since you’re not one to express yourself through your looks alone, the best face mask for you is Buck Mason’s perfectly minimal piece. This simple and durable black face mask lets your signature sense of scorpionic mystery speak for itself.

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The most embellished mask of them all, Gypsy Sport NY’s iconic piece is sweeping through every beauty editorial. Of course we saved this one just for you, Sag. To be clear: this jewelry is meant to be worn over a face mask (Please don’t wear this on its own outside the house. In the house? Do whatever you want!). The handmade crystal beading is ideal for your independent, cultured spirit. You’re the wild child of the zodiac – own it!



Capricorn, you’re always polished and put together. This season, listen to your responsible side and go for the Rachel Craven Linen Face Mask. Fun fact about linen: it’s one of the most eco-friendly (and most sustainable!) fabrics in the world. Who knew you could find a mask that’s as hardworking as you?



You’re undoubtedly a trendsetter, Aquarius. In most aspects of your life, you prefer to go beyond any conventional boundaries. This is exactly why we suggest you check out Paradis Maison. These truly unique options are sure to spark your interest. Whether you choose to rock the floral set or Renaissance-inspired design, each of these masks is sui generis — just like you.

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This whole mask situation is challenging for everyone, but especially you, Pisces. Even though your strong emotions and friendly nature are swimming behind your mask, it’s important to stick to your laid-back lifestyle and trust that everything will normalize soon. In the meantime, we recommend checking out Lele Sadoughi’s ethereal masks to aid in connecting back with your innate intuition and soft nature.

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Aries, you already know that you’re the leader of the pack. Your impulsive nature leads to some pretty iconic fashion finds (and maybe a little anger from your bank account). This season, we suggest you try out Chiara Boni La Petite Robe’s floral face mask for a more subdued look. While not as flashy as you may prefer, this Italian-made mask still makes a statement.



Drawn to the finer things in life, your appeal to quality over quantity is an A+ trait. We think you’ll love these beautiful masks by Johnathan Simkhai that come in muted neutral tones and are made from 100% cotton. Though they don’t have designer emblems splashed across the fabric, the understated pieces still have the luxury and comfort that’s so important to you.



Gemini, your personal style is nothing less than an art form. Clothes are an outlet to express and communicate with the world around you, and your mask shouldn’t be an exception. Continue to exercise your creativity by ordering some white face masks (cotton is best) and some nontoxic clothing dye and spending an afternoon creating your own unique designs. You’ll stand apart while staying safe — win win.


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