The Perfect Gift For Every Zodiac Sign

by Bee Rose


The Perfect Gift For Every Zodiac Sign

Finding a great gift is as easy as stargazing.

It’s officially go-time on gift-giving! Time to cue up those holiday tunes — but also David Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” too! For some people (you know exactly who we’re talking about!), we’re so at a loss for what to put in those stockings that we practically need an oracle! Well, this is where we’re coming in clutch. We’ve consulted the celestial beings to help you choose your prezzies based on your pals’ star signs this year. And since each gift is tailored to a personality trait, your card can come with a nice compliment or story about your recipient, too—aka the best gift of all. Read on for the best gift for every sign in the zodiac.

 Aries – Nurse Jamie Uplift Body Massage Beauty Roller, $159

Aries are known to be some of the bravest souls out there and are always striving to take action. These multi-tasking mavens will appreciate a cutting-edge beauty gift they can use while watching the tube or a MasterClass. Put a bow on this body massager that uses a combo of high-frequency pulses and quartz stones to firm skin. 

Taurus – Dr. Barbara Sturm The Glow Kit, $210

Patient, stable and responsible, Taurus makes the most loyal and devoted friend. They also can be counted on to actually stick to a serious beauty regimen (unlike some of us, lol). If they stick with this Glow Kit from Dr. Barbara Sturm, they’re golden! 

Gemini – The Detox Box, $55/month

Gemini love to learn and have some of the most curious minds on the planet. Stuff their stockings with an exploratory subscription to The Detox Market’s beauty box, packed with monthly clean beauty treats.

Cancer – FACILE Skin At-Home Peel Kit, $300

Cancers are the ultimate home-bodies, so they’re secretly basking in quarantine. The best thing you can give them right now is the gift of self-care at home to smooth their skin and soothe their moody souls. 

Leo – Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick, $38

Ahh, the irresistible Leo! Oozing with self-confidence, this star sign has Glamour as their middle name! You can’t go wrong gifting them a bold and bright lipstick.

Virgo – Sephora Collection Makeup Organizer, $40

If only we could all be as organized as the Virgos in our life! Give them a present that will make their compartmentalized minds soar like this pretty acrylic organizer.

Libra – Calm App Subscription – $70/year

More than anything, Libras embrace harmony and balance. And in this wild world, it’s obviously been a teensy bit hard to find. Give them the gift of Calm—literally and figuratively—with a meditation app subscription to help keep their heads on straight. 

Scorpio – Kirstin Ash Scorpio Necklace, $119

Maybe it’s just us, but Scorpios always seem to be most proud of their astrological heritage. After all, who hasn’t heard talk surrounding “Scorpio Season”? Celebrate their unique character with a gorgeous necklace to show off their sign. 

Sagittarius – Neiman Marcus Curated Travel Bag, $90

Sagittarius adores travel and is always planning their next trip. Give them something to look forward to with this curated travel set.

Capricorn – The Shift by Komuso Design, $105

Masters of self-control and discipline, Capricorn is a sign that means business. Give them something to help them relax and connect with their breath, like this sleek mindfulness kit.

Aquarius – Thistle Farms Cedarwood + Mint Candle, $60

Aquarians are deep-thinking do-gooders who are so deserving of getting back some of the love they emanate into the world. This Nashville-based company provides housing for women who’ve survived the unthinkable and also employs them to make their goods like this candle. So many warm fuzzies here! 

Pisces – MOCA Artist- Designed Face Masks, $280

Your uber-friendly Pisces pals may have been especially burdened by the lack of social interaction with Covid. They’re also considered one of the most artistic signs in the astrological chart. So, why not give them the ability to gab (from a distance, of course) with these artist-designed masks from MOCA? You’ll also be supporting one of L.A.’s top cultural institutions. Win-win!

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