theSKIN AUDIT: This Superfood Blend Replaced My Afternoon Coffee

by Michaela d'Artois


theSKIN AUDIT: This Superfood Blend Replaced My Afternoon Coffee

And it supports glowing skin? Yes please.

Ever get into bed, post-six-step nighttime routine, pre-true crime episode, and just get super excited for your morning coffee? That’s one of those moments of pure joy, when your humanness really shines through. If you haven’t already caught on, I am a self-proclaimed caffeine addict. However, I’ve recently been feeling the effects of my morning (and mid-morning, and afternoon) brew weighing heavily on my body. My symptoms? The jitters, intense fatigue, dry skin, and brain fog. Reluctantly, I knew it was time to look for that warm cup of comfort elsewhere. My search landed on Golde Original Turmeric Superfood Latte Blend.

It was quickly apparent to me why this product is one of Golde’s best-sellers. Brimming with 6 potent superfoods, it’s essentially undoing all of the damage modern does to our bodies in just a few sips. At the core of this golden powder is enriching fats like MCT (derived from coconut oil) which replenishes your hair and skin with moisture. Supported by debloating ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon, your body gets that same morning jump-start without the anxiety. And it’s all topped off with turmeric (activated with black pepper) which has been used for centuries to boost our immune-systems and manage inflammation in the body.

While some powdered drinks end up strangely chalky leaving unpleasant after-effects in your mouth, this is smooth and mixes well with warm water or oat milk. I mix mine with Turmeric Superfood Latte Blend with hot water and organic honey and immediately feel lighter. It satisfies my after-lunch cravings for something sweet and that brain fog that plagued my afternoon to-do list has lifted. I’ve even noticed the supple shine returned to my skin.

So, I couldn’t kick coffee cold turkey, but I replaced my afternoon drip with a creamy, frothy turmeric latte. It’s fair to say as I get into bed now, this beautiful tonic lives in my mind rent-free. Try it for yourself here.

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