theSKIN AUDIT: This Velvety Oil Cleanser Is Your Way To Dewy Skin

by Dale Arden Chong


theSKIN AUDIT: This Velvety Oil Cleanser Is Your Way To Dewy Skin

Dry skin is no match for this EVOO-based cleanser.

Look, I’ve tried countless oil cleansers on the market, and not just because it’s part of my job. As someone who’s dealt with rapidly changing climates, long travel routes, and unfortunately, naturally dry skin, I’m on a never-ending quest for glowing, supple skin (especially during the winter, when the challenge is exceptionally difficult). Finding the right skincare routine is, well, a journey. I really thought I found every missing link to make my dewy skin dreams a reality. But then I came across Wonder Valley’s Oil Cleanser, which completely changed my approach to skincare. And yes, it’s for the better.

If you aren’t familiar with Wonder Valley, it’s time to get acquainted. The Southern California-based olive oil company — led by husband-and-wife duo Allison and Jay Carroll — uses its extra virgin olive oil as the hero ingredient in its skincare products. The result? A collection that boosts your skin’s hydration, elasticity, and overall feel (trust me, you’ll love this).

The idea of an oil cleanser may seem counterintuitive to some, especially those with already oily skin. However, lightweight face and body oils can help keep your skin dewy and hydrated skin. Odds are you’ve heard of using olive oil as a natural moisturizer — maybe you’ve even tried the age-old skincare ritual for yourself. Wonder Valley takes this idea and, with its expertise on the cooking staple, gives it a luxurious upgrade. In addition to their best-selling EVOO, Wonder Valley’s Oil Cleanser includes moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, Vitamin E, and sunflower, avocado, grapeseed, and jojoba oils.

At first, the oil cleanser feels like a heavy gel. But when you spread an even layer over dry skin, you get a sumptuous, creamy balm. I recommend taking your time massaging the product into your skin, savoring each moment before you rinse it off. Once you add water to the mix, the cleanser transforms into a milky formula that leaves skin clean without stripping away its natural oils (something we can all get behind, right?). It won’t take long before your pores begin to thank you. Every time you use the cleanser, your skin will feel incredibly soft and hydrated. And thanks to the subtle floral scent, the product leaves a fresh and lightweight finish. 

Bottom line: Wonder Valley’s Oil Cleanser may be the product that hits all the marks for me. It’s chock-full of natural products, leaves a velvety-smooth finish, and most importantly, it feels so, so good.

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