Ease Your Insomnia With These 5 Relaxing Products

by Sara Pollock


Ease Your Insomnia With These 5 Relaxing Products

Reclaim your zzz’s with these little luxuries.

Picture the scene: it’s 3.27am. You’ve switched your phone back on for the third time. Those fingers just won’t stop scrolling and that brain keeps activating. You begin to mull over a humiliating incident from 2005 which will inevitably haunt you until the end of days. Your eyes are puffy and sore, but you refuse accept defeat. This is the situation. Insomnia: 2020 edition.

Whilst you might feel alone in this condition, sleep disorders are not uncommon. The National Institute of Health anticipates that over 30% of the general population deal with sleep disruption. Considering recent events, this is likely to be much higher, as many of us are dealing with alarming levels of unease and anxiety while navigating the current circumstances .

We all know what the experts recommend – limiting your smart phone usage and none of those iced Americanos after 2pm (damn it). In addition, we’ve rounded up some little luxuries that just might help fast track your ride to siesta city. 



Eye Masks

Spacemasks Self-Heating Eye Masks

These eye masks come in a pack of five, so I save them for special occasions (OR the worst occasions – whichever comes first!). Infused with the gentle scent of jasmine, they are the ultimate tool for drifting into a blissful slumber. Not only are they air-activated, they work fast! These are also great for improving circulation and diminishing headaches, and (ahem) also work wonders for those mini breakdowns when you’ve been crying all day.


Laura Mercier

Ambre Vanillé

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Eau De Toilette

My days of wanting to smell like a cupcake à la the mid-2000’s are well and truly over, however, I am partial to spraying something sweet and comforting on my pillow. This combination of almond, sandalwood, and coconut milk is basically fluffy birthday cake for your soul.


Dr. Teal's

Epsom Salt Soak

Dr Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Pure Epsom Salt Soak With Lavender

Sometimes extravagant overpriced glass jars are full of empty promises. Therefore, I’m accustomed to the ye olde faithful products of the drugstore. Whilst this might not be #topshelfie material, rest assured that this will do exactly what it claims on the bottle. Lavender essential oil and Epsom salt work together to wash away worries and conjure up a spa-like experience. Throw in a copious amount, grab a good book, and indulge your senses.



Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Touted as a miracle cure for insomniacs, there is a reason why Lush’s cult favorite Sleepy body lotion frequently sells out. This little black pot is full of goodness such as a comforting lavender flower infusion, almond oil, ylang ylang, and cocoa butter. The dreamy aroma lingers on your sheets the next day — it’s a gift that keeps on giving. 


Malin + Goetz

Dark Rum Candle

Malin + Goetz Dark Rum Candle 

Turn your area to an oasis of calm before hitting the sheets. We all know that a favourite candle creates an ambience of relaxation which is essential to remedy restless minds. This dark rum votive will fill your room with a gourmand, spicy scent and help to alleviate your inner turmoil. 

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